The International Space University (ISU) is very grateful to the following alumni, sponsoring scholarships via the voluntary payback system. ISU guarantees that the funds received will be used exclusively to provide scholarships, to applicants for future ISU programs, which cannot afford the tuition fees.

The following alumni have either paid back fully or are in the process of doing so under the flexible payback conditions.

Our thanks to all of them!
Matteo Aquilano, MSS15
Alana Bartolini, SSP14
Maya Bartov, SSP16
Audrey Berquand, SSP17
Laura Bettiol, SSP15
Natalia Larrea Brito, SSP14    
Nathan Brookes, SSP15
Nicolas Chuecos, SSP14
Alexandria Dominique Farias, SSP17
Matthew Foster, SSP16
Michael Gallagher, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Thomas Godard, SSP14
Stephen Grixti, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Julia Heuritsch, SSP16
Lars Hoving, SSP15 (paid back fully)
Jovan Kljajic, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Christopher Kenny, MSS15
Daniel Long, SSP14
Mohamed Makthoum, MSS16
André Mas, SSP14 (paid back fully)
Sebastian Marcu, SSP14
Melissa Mirino, SH-SSP16 (paid back fully)
Rashmi Nayar, SH-SSP16 (paid back fully)
Hannah Petersson, SSP16
Arnau Pons Lorente, SSP15
Jans Raymaekers, SSP14
Timo Rühl, SSP17
Tanay Sharma, SSP14
Abigail Sherriff, MSS15
Matthew Shouppe, SSP14
Andrea Fatima Sorice Genaro, SSP15
Nurudeen Suleiman, MSS15
Chaitra Suvarna, MSS15
Reinhard Tlustos, SSP15 (paid back fully)
Tatsunari Tomiyama, SSP15
Ray Vandenhoeck, SSP16
Tom Willems, SSP15