Academic Council

The ISU Academic Council is responsible for ensuring the academic quality of the teaching and research activities of ISU. The Council has created a set of policies and standards for the faculty within the overall guidelines established by the Board of Trustees and in cooperation with the President of the University. The role, rules, and processes of the Academic Council are provided in Appendix A of the ISU Academic Handbook, which can be downloaded here.

To ensure integration of policies between the Academic Advisory Committee of the BOT and the Executive Officers of ISU, the AAC Chair as well as the President of ISU and the Academic Officers (the Dean, Associate Dean and the Program Directors) are permanent invitees to the Academic Council. The Academic Council is represented on the Board of Trustees and the BOT Academic Advisory Committee. The current members of the Academic Council are listed below.


Su-Yin Tan (Canada), Chair of the Academic Council, University of Waterloo, Canada
Juan De Dalmau (Spain), Co-Chair of the Academic Council, European Space Agency, The Netherlands

Angie Bukley, The Aerospace Corporation, USA
Carol Carnett, Legal Aid Bureau Inc., USA
Adil Rahim Jafry (US), Chandah Space Technologies, USA
Gary Martin (US), NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Lucy Stojak (Canada), HEC Montréal, Canada
Vasilis Zervos (Greece), International Space University, France
Olga Zhdanovich, MODIS, Netherlands



ISU Academic Handbook v3.1 - Download Here